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CheckPoint Enduro

Our original Enduro software was developed in 1995 using Microsoft to be used with portable bar code scanners for each checkpoint. Once the race is over and the data is uploaded from each portable, then we can score the race with a mouse click. This is a very proven system that is still available; however we are in the process of developing a windows version that works in conjunction with smart label RFID technologies. Rather than collect data at checkpoints, we will write checkpoint information to a RFID chip in the riders score card. This way, once the rider finishes the race we can pull all the data from the smart label and know the rider placement instantly. So once the last person from their class has finished results will be known!


 CheckPoint OFF ROAD

CheckPoint OFF Road is a easy to use powerful scoring system for Cross County style events. It can be used with real time input systems such as wireless Bar Code entry or RFID/ transponder systems.

  • Supports individual races or "Series”
  • Sign up is easy, just find or add the racer information then either click the “enter racer” or “CTRL E” ( pic )
  • Multiple Classes can be set up and defined to meet your requirements (pic)
  • Starting order can be defined (pic)
  • An “Observer” tab is great for Announcers and Monitor stations for fans ( pic)
  • Supports Class Scoring and Overall scoring
  • Multiple reports are available including
    Finish Order, Overall Finish Order, Racer #, Series Points
    Mailing Labels ( from Racer Database), Class Detail, Class Summary
    Entry Fee, Race Order, All Entries, Newspaper Results, Racer History
    Membership, Among others…(Pic 1, Pic 2)
  Please contact us for more information.

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